Masters Theses

Title Author Supervisor
"Statistical analysis of low-frequency earthquake catalogs" Ariane Ducellier Donald B Percival
Title Author Supervisor
"Estimating Population Size Using the Network Scale Up Method" Rachael Maltiel Adrian E Raftery
Title Author Supervisor
"A Resampling Approach to Clustering with Confidence" Yuan Chiam Werner Stuetzle
"Feedforward Control and Process Improvement for Some Disturbance Models" Lihui Shi
Title Author Supervisor
"On Left-Stochastic Decomposition Clustering" Amol Kapila Maya R. Gupta
"Joint Probabilistic Projection of Male and Female Life Expectancy" Nevena Lalic Adrian E Raftery
Title Author Supervisor
"Probabilistic Visibility Forecasting Using Bayesian Model Averaging" Richard M. Chmielecki Adrian E Raftery
"Saturated Long-Chain Acyl-CoA Synthesis, A Novel Link Between TNFa and Saturated Fatty Acids in Endothelial Dysfunction" Xin Li
Title Author Supervisor
"Survival Analysis of Internal-Censored Data with Application to the Time-to-Depletion of Connecting-Peptide in Type I Diabetes" Jung Lim Shin Peter Guttorp
"Finding Optimal Sample Size Using Binomial Power Function Properties" Valeria V. Thompson Fritz W Scholz
Title Author Supervisor
"Ricean Parameter Estimation Using Phase Information in Low SNR Environments" Andrew N. Morabito Donald B Percival
Title Author Supervisor
"On the performance of IT vendors in online service marketplaces: does a vendor's reputation matter?" Conglei Zhang Werner Stuetzle
Title Author Supervisor
"Investigating effects of the choice of latent variable distribution for the two parameter logistic response model" David Edward Haldors Dailey Elena A. Erosheva, Thomas S Richardson
"Analysis of Haplotype Structure: Application to the DARC Gene Region" Ting-Yuan Liu Elizabeth Thompson
Title Author Supervisor
"Assessing the detrended fluctuation analysis method of estimating the Hurst coefficient" Nathaniel Bennett Derby Tilmann J. Gneiting, Donald B Percival, Thomas S Richardson
Title Author Supervisor
"Mixture modeling of count data with excess zero-values: An application to Dungeness crab catch estimation" Jennifer Cahalan Peter Guttorp
Title Author Supervisor
"Hierarchical agglomerative clustering and linear mixed-effects models applied to small-scale dental clinical trials" Sally Marjorie Rodriguez Judith E Zeh, Galen R. Shorack
Title Author Supervisor
"A regularized contrast statistic for object boundary estimation: Implementation and statistical evaluation" Maijian Qian Finbarr O'Sullivan
Title Author Supervisor
"A diffusion model for within-species and between-species" Mark N. Grote Joseph Felsenstein
Title Author Supervisor
"Population size estimation for the western Arctic stock of bowhead whale: A Bayes/empirical Bayes approach" Philip Turet Judith E Zeh