Number Title Author
533 Comparing Density Forecasts Using Threshold and Quantile Weighted Scoring Rules Roopesh Ranjan, Tilmann J. Gneiting
532 Probabilistic Quantitative Precipitation Forecasting using a Two-Stage Spatial Model Veronica Berrocal, Adrian Elmes Raftery, Tilmann J. Gneiting
531 A hierarchical eigenmodel for pooled covariance estimation Peter D Hoff
529 Estimation and Clustering with Infinite Rankings Marina Meila, Le Bao
526 Simulation of the Matrix Bingham-von Mises-Fisher Distribution, with Applications to Multivariate and Relational Data Peter D Hoff
525 Online Prediction Under Model Uncertainty Via Dynamic Model Averaging: Application to a Cold Rolling Mill Josef Andrysek, Pavel Ettler, Adrian Elmes Raftery, Miroslav Karny
524 Clustering Permutations by Exponential Blurring Mean-Shift Algorithm Le Bao, Marina Meila
523 Modeling Social Networks with Sampled Data Krista J. Gile, Mark S. Handcock
522 Modeling homophily and stochastic equivalence in symmetric relational data Peter D Hoff
521 Nonparametric Estimation of a Convex Bathtub-Shaped Hazard Function Hanna Jankowski, Jon A. Wellner
520 Detecting Linear Sequences and Subsequences Yanming Di, Michael D. Perlman
519 Inference of Identity-by-Descent in Sib Pairs: Analysis with and without Linkage Disequilibrium Audrey Qiuyan Fu, Elizabeth A Thompson
518 Predictive Model Assessment for Count Data Claudia Czado, Tilmann J. Gneiting, Leonhard Held
517 Representing Degree Distributions, Clustering, and Homophily in Social Networks with Latent Cluster Random Effects Models Mark S. Handcock, Adrian Elmes Raftery, Peter D Hoff, Pavel N. Krivitsky
516 ensembleBMA: An R Package for Probabilistic Forecasting using Ensembles and Bayesian Model Averaging Chris Fraley, Adrian Elmes Raftery, J. McLean Sloughter, Tilmann J. Gneiting
515 Consensus Ranking Under the Exponential Model Marina Meila, Kapil Phadnis, Arthur Patterson, Jeffrey A Bilmes
514 A Generalized Single Linkage Method for Estimating the Cluster Tree of a Density Werner Stuetzle, Rebecca Ann Nugent
512 Networks Discovery through Timing Maps Lurdes Y.T. Inoue, Donatello Telesca, Ruth Etzioni, Martin Gleave, Mauricio Neira, Colleen Nelson
511 Probabilistic Weather Forecasting for Winter Road Maintenance Veronica Berrocal, Adrian Elmes Raftery, Tilmann J. Gneiting, Richard C. Steed
510 Bayesian Hierarchical Self Modeling Warping Regression Donatello Telesca, Lurdes Y.T. Inoue