Number Title Author
554 On the Grenander Estimator at Zero Marios G. Pavlides, Arseni V. Seregin, Fadoua Balabdaoui, Jon A. Wellner, Hanna Jankowski
553 Local Equivalences of Distances Between Clusterings Marina Meila
552 t-separation and d-separation for Directed Acyclic Graphs Yanming Di
551 Local Proper Scoring Rules Tilmann J. Gneiting, Werner Ehm
550 The Emergence of Nuclear Self-Organization from Coordinate Gene Regulation Charles Kooperberg, Indika Rajapakse, Mark Groudine, Michael D. Perlman, Steven Kosak, David Scalzo
549 Matern Cross-Covariance Functions for Multivariate Random Fields William P. Kleiber, Martin Schlather, Tilmann J. Gneiting
548 Computing Exact P-values in Incomplete Multi-way Tables Adrian Dobra
547 Dependency Networks for Genome-Wide Data Adrian Dobra
546 Probabilistic Forecasts of Wind Speed: Ensemble Model Output Statistics using Heteroskedastic Censored Regression Thordis Linda Thorarinsdottir, Tilmann J. Gneiting
545 Bayesian structural learning and estimation in Gaussian graphical models Alex F. Lenkoski, Adrian Dobra
544 Probabilistic Wind Speed Forecasting using Ensembles and Bayesian Model Averaging J. McLean Sloughter, Tilmann J. Gneiting, Adrian Elmes Raftery
543 Combining Probability Forecasts Tilmann J. Gneiting, Roopesh Ranjan
542 Computation of Nonparametric Convex Hazard Estimators via Profile Methods Hanna Jankowski, Jon A. Wellner
540 Combining Mixture Components for Clustering Chi Ho Lo, Raphael Gottardo, Jean-Patrick Baudry, Adrian Elmes Raftery, Gilles Celeux
539 Analysis of Data on Related Individuals Through Inference of Identity by Descent Elizabeth A Thompson
538 Quantiles as Optimal Point Predictors Tilmann J. Gneiting
537 Assessing probabilistic forecasts of multivariate quantities, with an application to ensemble predictions of surface winds Eric P. Grimit, Leonhard Held, Tilmann J. Gneiting, Nicholas A. Johnson, Larissa I. Stanberry
536 Variable Selection and Updating In Model-Based Discriminant Analysis for High-Dimensional Data Nema Dean, Adrian Elmes Raftery, Thomas Brendan Murphy
535 Wavelet Analysis of Variance for Time Series with Missing Values Debashis Mondal, Donald B. Percival
534 Using Labeled Data to Evaluate Change Detectors in a Multivariate Streaming Environment Caren Marzban, Donald B. Percival, Werner Stuetzle, Albert Y. Kim