Number Title Author
574 Separable Covariance Arrays via the Tucker Product, with Applications to Multivariate Relational Data Peter D Hoff
573 Estimating the Size of Populations at High Risk of HIVin Bangladesh Using a Bayesian Hierarchical Model Adrian Elmes Raftery, Amala Reddy, Le Bao
572 Fast Inference for the Latent Space Network ModelUsing a Case-Control Approximate Likelihood Xiaoyue Niu, Peter D Hoff, Ka Yee Yeung, Adrian Elmes Raftery
571 Geostatistical Model Averaging for Locally Calibrated Probabilistic Quantitative Precipitation Forecasting William P. Kleiber, Adrian Elmes Raftery, Tilmann J. Gneiting
570 Locally Calibrated Probabilistic Temperature Forecasting Using Geostatistical Model Averaging and Local Baysian Model Averaging Jeffrey Baars, Tilmann J. Gneiting, William P. Kleiber, Clifford Mass, Adrian Elmes Raftery, Eric P. Grimit
569 Nonparametric Estimation of Multivariate Scale Mixtures of Uniform Densities Marios G. Pavlides, Jon A. Wellner
568 Uniqueness of the Maximum Likelihood Estimator for k-Monotone Densities Arseni V. Seregin
567 Efficient Testing Operations on Dynamic Graph Structures using Strong Hash Functions Elizabeth A Thompson, Hoyt A. Koepke
566 On Estimating the Face Probabilities of Shaved Dice with Partial Data Marios G. Pavlides, Michael D. Perlman
565 A Covariance Regression Model Peter D Hoff, Xiaoyue Niu
564 Hierarchical Multilinear Models for Multiway Data Peter D Hoff
563 On Identification and Inference for Direct Effects James Robins, Thomas S. Richardson, Peter Spirtes
562 Nonparametric Estimation of Multivariate Convex-Transformed Densities Jon A. Wellner, Arseni V. Seregin
561 Estimation of a Discrete Monotone Distribution Hanna Jankowski, Jon A. Wellner
560 Estimating and Projecting Trends in HIV/AIDS Generalized Epidemics Using Incremental Mixture Importance Sampling Adrian Elmes Raftery, Le Bao
559 Performance of Bayesian Model Selection Criteria for Gaussian Mixture Models Russell John Steele, Adrian Elmes Raftery
558 How Likely is Simpsons Paradox? Michael D. Perlman, Marios G. Pavlides
557 Bias Correction and Bayesian Model Averaging for Ensemble Forecasts of Surface Wind Direction Peter Guttorp, Le Bao, Adrian Elmes Raftery, Tilmann J. Gneiting, Eric P. Grimit
556 Calibrating Multi-Model Forecast Ensembles with Exchangeable and Missing Members using Bayesian Model Averaging Tilmann J. Gneiting, Chris Fraley, Adrian Elmes Raftery
555 Copula Gaussian Graphical Models Alex F. Lenkoski, Adrian Dobra