Number Title Author
595 Chernoff's Density is Log-Concave Fadoua Balabdaoui, Jon A. Wellner
594 Stochastic Comparisons Among Conditional Processes Derived from a Semiexplosive Galton-Watson Branching Process Michael D. Perlman
593 Efficient Testing and Estimation in Two Lehmann Alternatives to Symmetry-at-Zero Models W J Hall, Jon A. Wellner
592 Weighted Likelihood Estimation Under Two-Phase Sampling Takumi Saegusa, Jon A. Wellner
591 Estimating the Correlation in Bivariate Normal Data with Known Variances and Small Sample Sizes Bailey Kathryn Fosdick, Adrian Elmes Raftery
590 A Semiparametric Approach to Mixed Outcome Latent Variable Models: Estimating the Association between Cognition and Regional Brain Volumes Paul Crane, Jonathan C. Gruhl, Elena A. Erosheva
589 Dealing with Rotational Invariance in Bayesian Confirmatory Factor Analysis Elena A. Erosheva, Steven M Curtis
588 Modeling Criminal Careers as Departures from a Unimodal Population Age-Crime Curve Derek Kreager, Ross L Matsueda, Donatello Telesca, Elena A. Erosheva
586 Information Bounds for Gaussian Copulas Xiaoyue Niu, Jon A. Wellner, Peter D Hoff
585 Five NSASAG Problems with Discussion Michael D. Perlman
584 Efficient Selection of Binary Choice Bundles with Cost Considerations Steven B. Gillispie, Michael D. Perlman
583 The Use of Sampling Weights in Bayesian Hierarchical Models for Small Area Estimation Cici Xi Chen Bauer, Thomas Lumley, Jonathan C. Wakefield
582 Multivariate Detection of Gene-Gene Interactions Charles Kooperberg, Indika Rajapakse, Michael D. Perlman, John Hansen
581 Graphcuts for General Quadratic Binary Problems Robert Johnson, Hoyt A. Koepke, Marina Meila
580 Estimating Demographic Parameters with Uncertainty from Fragmentary Data Samuel Clark, Patrick Gerland, Mark C Wheldon, Adrian Elmes Raftery
579 A Local Maximual Inequality under Uniform Entropy Aad van der Vaart, Jon A. Wellner
578 Squaring the Circle and Cubing the Sphere: Circular and Spherical Copulas Jon A. Wellner, Michael D. Perlman
577 Estimators of Fractal Dimension: Assessing the Roughness of Time Series and Spatial Data Donald B. Percival, Hana Sevcikova, Tilmann J. Gneiting
576 Parallelizing A Convergent Approximate Inference Method Ming Su, Elizabeth A Thompson
575 Reverse Exchangeability and Extreme Order Statistics Michael D. Perlman, Yindeng Jiang