Number Title Author
615 Approximating the Conway-Maxwell-Poisson Distribution Normalization Constant Steven B. Gillispie, Christopher G. Green
614 Global Rates of Convergence of the MLES of Log-Concave and S-Concave Densities Charles R. Doss, Jon A. Wellner
613 Latent space models for networks using Aggregated Relational Data Tyler Harris McCormick, Tian Zheng
612 Estimating Population Size Using the Network Scale Up Method Rachael Maltiel, Adrian Elmes Raftery, Tyler Harris McCormick
611 Covariate and Newton-Raphson Adjustments for a Normal Correlation Coefficient When the Variances are Known Michael D. Perlman, Bailey Kathryn Fosdick
610 Variance-Stabilizing and Confidence-Stabilizing Transformations for the Normal Correlation Coefficient with Known Variances Bailey Kathryn Fosdick, Michael D. Perlman
609 Building Interpretable Classi ers with Rules using Bayesian Analysis David Madigan, Benjamin Letham, Cynthia Rudin, Tyler Harris McCormick
608 Likelihoods for Fixed Rank Nomination Networks Katherine W. Stovel, Peter D Hoff, Bailey Kathryn Fosdick, Alexander Volfovsky
607 Latent Demographic Profi le Estimation in Hard-to-Reach Groups Tian Zheng, Tyler Harris McCormick
606 Separable Factor Analysis with Applications to Mortality Data Bailey Kathryn Fosdick, Peter D Hoff
605 Bayesian sandwich posteriors for pseudo-true parameters Jonathan C. Wakefield, Peter D Hoff
604 Clustering South African Households Based on their Asset Status Using Latent Variable Models Tyler Harris McCormick, Damien McParland, Chodziwadziwa Kabudula, Isobel Gormley, Mark Collinson, Samuel Clark
603 Global Rates of Convergence of the MLE for Multivariate Interval Censoring Jon A. Wellner
602 Extinction or Explosion in a Galton-Watson Branching Process: Testing or Prediction? Peter Guttorp, Michael D. Perlman
601 Predicting Extinction or Explosion in a Galton-Watson Branching Process Peter Guttorp, Michael D. Perlman
600 Strong Log-Concavity is Preserved by Convolution Jon A. Wellner
599 Hierarchical array priors for ANOVA decompositions Alexander Volfovsky, Peter D Hoff
598 Convergence of Linear Functionals of the Grenander Estimator under Misspecification Jon A. Wellner, Hanna Jankowski
597 mclust Version 4 for R: Normal Mixture Modeling for Model-Based Clustering, Classification, and Density Estimation Adrian Elmes Raftery, Thomas Brendan Murphy, Luca Scrucca, Chris Fraley
596 Marginally Specified Priors for Nonparametric Bayesian Estimation David C. Kessler, Peter D Hoff, David B. Dunson