The Gaussian-smoothed optimal transport (GOT) framework, pioneered in Goldfeld et al. (2020) and followed up by a series of subsequent papers, has quickly caught attention among researchers in statistics, machine learning, information theory, and related fields. One key observation made therein is that, by adapting to the GOT framework instead of its unsmoothed counterpart, the curse of dimensionality for using the empirical measure to approximate the true data generating distribution can be lifted. The current paper shows that a related observation applies to the estimation of nonparametric mixing distributions in discrete exponential family models, where under the GOT cost the estimation accuracy of the nonparametric MLE can be accelerated to a polynomial rate. This is in sharp contrast to the classical sub-polynomial rates based on unsmoothed metrics, which cannot be improved from an information-theoretical perspective. A key step in our analysis is the establishment of a new Jackson-type approximation bound of Gaussian-convoluted Lipschitz functions. This insight bridges existing techniques of analyzing the nonparametric MLEs and the new GOT framework.

Comments: 26 pages