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Applications for Winter 2024 will open November 2023.  

The Pacific Alliance for Low-income Inclusion in Statistics and Data Science (PALiISaDS) is an NSF-funded bridge program that aims to increase STEM degree completion of low-income, high-achieving undergraduates with demonstrated financial need, and to increase the number of them who pursue graduate degrees in the areas of Statistics and Data Science.  In addition to the University of Washington, the Alliance includes six more institutions, all of them located in California.  The program is run as a partnership, with hybrid activities hosted by individual members but accessible to all institutions in the Alliance.

In addition to providing financial support to our students in the form of need-based scholarships of up to $10,000 a year during the last two of their undergraduate studies, PALiISaDS sustains both a local and a regional community of like-minded students, provides structured mentorships, and sponsors various co-curricular activities that support our students in preparing for and applying to pursue graduate programs in Statistics and Data Science.  While financial support is limited to students admitted into the program, most of our community and co-curricular events are open to all UW students.  Please come join us!

This website provide information that is specific to undergraduate students who are interested in applying to PALiISaDS@UW.  You can find more details about the program, including upcoming events, at the Alliance website.

Student Eligibility

  • There is a citizenship requirement.  Participants in the program must be:
    • U.S. citizens, or
    • aliens lawfully admitted to the U.S. as permanent residents, or
    • U.S. nationals, as defined in section 101(a) of the Immigration and Nationality Act, or
    • aliens admitted as refugees under section 207 of the Immigration and Nationality Act.
    • Unfortunately, Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) individuals are ineligible for support under this program.
  • Although there is no major requirement at the time of application, fellowships can only be paid out to students that are part of the Statistics or Applied and Computational Mathematical Sciences B.S. programs.  For that reason, many of our participants apply to PALiISaDS at the same time that they apply to the undergraduate majors.
  • Participants must enrolled at least half-time and also be in good standing in each quarter in which the fellowship will be disbursed.
  • Participants must be Pell grant eligible with at least $5,000 of unmet financial need in order to be considered for the fellowship.
  • PALiISaDS is a two-year program. At application time, participants must have an anticipated graduation date that is at least two years in the future.

Application Process

Applications are currently closed. Spring 2024 applications are now open!  Applications close June 14, 2024.

Because participants must be enrolled in either the Statistics or Applied and Computational Mathematical Sciences B.S. programs, most students apply to PALiISaDS at the same time they apply to the majors. Nonetheless, the two processes (admission to the major, and admission to PALiISaDS) are run independently, and being accepted in one does not guarantee acceptance in the other.