The regular meeting of the faculty of the Department of Statistics was held in C-301 Padelford Hall at 12:30pm, October 7th, 2019. Daniel Pollack, Interim Chair, presided at the meeting. Kristine Chan was recording secretary.

The meeting began with approval of previous meeting’s minutes from September 23, 2019.

Chair’s Remarks
Daniel Pollack went over existing department policies that were up for renewal. Of the policies, the delegation of authority, merit review process, and retention consultation were reviewed, voted, and approved. 

However, for the electronic voting policy, Zaid Harchaoui had proposed a motion to revise the language to provide adequate time for faculty to vote. Werner Stuetzle, Zaid Harchaoui, and Daniela Witten have volunteered to work on the modifications so that the policy can be revisited and voted on at a later date.

He also provided updates on the Full Professor & Chair search, and indicated that voting faculty will be able to access the search materials on the WittKeiffer secure site.

Daniel Pollack announced that President Ana Mari Cauce has sent a campus-wide announcement regarding a UW campus climate survey happening in the next few days and would like to encourage all UW faculty, staff, students, friends and colleagues participate. The survey will launch on October 8, 2019 and close on November 8, 2019.

He also announced that the special faculty meeting scheduled November 8, 2019 will take place at 12:30pm – 2:00pm in Padelford Hall, C-301.

Committee Reports
Teaching and Curriculum Committee (TCC) meeting happened the previous week. Ranjini Grove presented a proposal to change the admissions for the major in 2020, mainly to change the applications deadline from the first Friday of September to the third Friday of April and to change the requested courses to get into and complete the major. The faculty reviewed proposal, voted, and approved of it.

There being no new business, the meeting passed into the executive session at 1:11pm and was adjourned at 2:00pm.