A regular meeting of the faculty of the Department of Statistics was held in C-301 Padelford Hall at 12:30pm, March 2nd, 2020. Daniel Pollack, Interim Chair, presided at the meeting. Kristine Chan was recording secretary.

Chair’s Remarks
Dan reported that there was a discussion of COVID-19 in the Director and Chair’s meeting with Dean Robert Stacey. A few topics they brought up was an email from President Ana Mari Cauce and Provost Mark Richards being sent to the UW community informing them about the COVID-19 cases – fortunately, no one tested positive in UW so far and there have not been any racist/hate related crimes. UW now has an official website ( to provide the latest information on COVID-19. Dan urged the teaching faculty for this quarter and upcoming to be prepared – if they get sick, they need to stay home and self-isolate. Also, they need to do what they can to support students for those who cannot show up to classes or exams. The university may change practices but as of now, everything is said to remain the same.

Dan mentioned that the Faculty Senate has passed the legislation to change the faculty code and title for lecturers to become teaching professors subject to the approval of faculty. He has urged faculty to vote on the policy that the Faculty Senate sent out over email.

On the topic of lecturers, Dan introduced the question of what a full-time teaching load should be a Full-Time Lecturer, Senior Lecturer, or Principal Lecturer position. Service duties may or may not count towards teaching load but that will have to be a discussion between the Chair and faculty.

There being announcements, new business, and committee reports, the meeting passed into the executive session at 12:59pm and was adjourned at 1:45pm.