A regular meeting of the faculty of the Department of Statistics was held in C-301 Padelford Hall at 12:30pm, February 10th, 2020. Daniel Pollack, Interim Chair, presided at the meeting. Kristine Chan was recording secretary.

Chair’s Remarks
2020-2021 Faculty Teaching Preferences: The Catalyst poll has been sent out to faculty. Deadline is Monday, February 24, 2020. Dan walked through what is on the poll and explained that we are trying this new method of utilizing Catalyst since there are many moving pieces (buy outs, MOUs, etc.) to assigning faculty for teaching. It would help with transitioning info to Abel, our future chair.

February 21 – NSF Research Exchange Program presentation by Provost Mark Richards: Provost Richards will be giving a talk on a research exchange program that is a collaboration between universities to encourage underrepresented students to thrive STEM fields. It provides NSF funding for students to go from one institution to another institution for a short period of time to study under different faculty. Dan encouraged faculty to attend as it a great info session to get external funding to send students to other institutions or bring students to our institution.

March 31 – VRI deadline at 11:59pm (no exceptions): A retirement option that allows eligible faculty to receive 50% of their salary, up to $100,000 into a retirement medical expenses account (tax exempt, no expiration) that will no longer be offered after this deadline.

April 4 – Admitted Student Preview Day for College of Arts and Sciences: An event where undergraduates and potentially their families will be visiting UW campus. Each department will have a table to share information about majors they offer. Mee-Ling and Anna Neufeld will be staffing our table on that day. Dan announced that if there are any other faculty that are interested in joining, they are welcome to.

May 7 – Amanda Cox, Graduate School Public Lecture: Amanda graduated from the Master’s program from our department. She will be visiting to give a lecture sponsored by the Graduate School as well as our department, Sociology, and CSSS. Admission to attend is free but RSVP is required. Registration opens on March 4. In addition, there is a plan to have a reception before the talk but information will come soon. Amanda will also be around the following day so if any faculty would like to invite her to a class or give an ideas on her visit, please send them to Dan. Information about her talk is on our website.

Departmental Promotion and Tenure guidelines: Dan brought this up from last meeting. He reiterated that the College has a set of guidelines and wants the faculty to consider if the department would like to have their own set of guidelines. Dan will be giving the faculty an assignment over spring break to read the College guidelines and then over Spring quarter, they will make a decision to follow the College guidelines or create department guidelines.  

Faculty Senate: Class A legislation – proposed alignment of faculty ranks: Professor Emeritus Fred Bookstein announced that there are going to be changes going into effect in September 2020. Lecturer titles that are multi-year will be changing to Teaching Professor, Associate Teaching Professor, and Assistant Teaching Professor. More specifically:

  • Principal Lecturer → Teaching Professor
  • Full-Time Senior Lecturer → Associate Teaching Professor
  • Part-Time Senior Lecturer (with at least 50% FTE annual or multi-year appointment) → Associate Teaching Professor
  • Full-Time Lecturer (competitively hired) → Assistant Teaching Professor

**Note: No changes for temporary PT or FT Lecturers, or PT Senior Lecturers hired less than 50% or less than annual contracts.

Maximum contract lengths will be revised. Their voting rights will be changing as well; they will be eligible to vote on merit, salary, and reappointments for lower ranks but they cannot vote on tenure promotions. They will also be eligible to be appointed as graduate faculty and act as principal investigators for grants and contracts.

There being new business and committee reports, the meeting passed into the executive session at 1:01pm and was adjourned at 2:00pm.