The regular meeting of the faculty of the Department of Statistics was held on Zoom at 12:30pm, November 9, 2021. Abel Rodriguez, Department Chair, presided at the meeting. Kristine Chan was recording secretary.


New Business

Report on PhD student support: A committee consisting of Zaid Harchaoui (Chair), Marina Meila (last year’s GPC), Daniela Witten, Anna Neufeld and Sarah Teichman spent the last six months reviewing the department’s model for PhD student support and has produced a report providing a series of recommendations.   Prof. Harchaoui presented a summary of the report and Chair Rodriguez opened the floor for general discussion. After a brief discussion, Chair Rodriguez presented a concrete proposal that builds on one of the scenarios presented in the committee’s report, along with an analysis of its financial impacts on the department's budget. A brief discussion followed, but no final decisions were made.  The discussion will continue during the next department meeting.

PhD Handbook: There was not enough time to discuss this item. It has been deferred to the next faculty meeting.


Executive Session

Faculty present discussed the reappointments and new appointments of faculty/personnel. A catalyst poll was later sent to them to record the votes for approving the appointments.



There being no other items to discuss, the meeting moved on to an Executive Session at 1:35pm. The meeting was later adjourned at 1:58pm.