The regular meeting of the faculty of the Department of Statistics was held on Zoom at 12:30pm, April 12, 2021. Abel Rodriguez, Department Chair, presided at the meeting. Kristine Chan was recording secretary.


Faculty Senate activity news: There will soon be more permanent committee members in the faculty senate. Usually we have a faculty selected from the College of Arts & Sciences but it is yet to be determined.

Admissions news: The deadline for the part-time and concurrent MS applications is April 15.

New Business

Graduate Program Discussion:

  • GSR comments: GSRs have gathered feedback from students on their thoughts with the PhD program.  The feedback comes from about 1/3 of students in the program who participated in surveys and/or focus groups. Much of the feedback coming from newer students (first years) was positive. Feedback coming from students who have been in the program longer was more negative.  A summary of findings will be shared with the PhD GPC and the Department Chair.
  • Clarification on waiving procedure of core MS requirements for PhD students: A document was shared, initiated by the GPC, that proposed that first-year students may request a waiver of any or all of the three core MS requirements, if they have achieved the learning goals before enrolling at UW. No votes were taken or decisions were made.
  • Supporting incoming graduate students:  A number of options to provide support to incoming students to be more successful in first year courses were discussed.  One option discussed was asking certain students to take specific summer courses to strengthen their backgrounds.  A second option was creating a list of reading materials / online courses that students could take to fill in specific gaps.  The final option discussed was the development of a one-week bootcamp that would cover key technical material and help build community within the cohort.   There was a consensus that such a bootcamp should be an option to students, but that devising ways to increase cohesion within a cohort would be important
  • Part-Time/Concurrent MS program: A document was shared, initiated by the TCC, that proposed a multipart proposal for this program. No votes were taken or decisions were made.
  • The discussion for graduate non-matriculated program, departmental awards for graduate students (Birnbaum and Gilford awards), external advisors, and initiatives to support incoming PhD students was deferred to another faculty meeting. Continuation of this discussion will happen on 5/3.


There being no other items to discuss, the meeting was adjourned at 2:00pm.