The regular meeting of the faculty of the Department of Statistics was held on Zoom at 12:30pm, October 19, 2020. Abel Rodriguez, Department Chair, presided at the meeting. Kristine Chan was recording secretary. 

Chair’s Remarks 

The Chair reported that has been in contact with UW Advancement and one goal is to have them create a compilation of short videos of our faculty to showcase our department for fundraising. He also discussed the possible formation of fundraising/development committee.  He will be reaching out to emeritus faculty to get involved in this project. 


Joint seminars: There will be a joint seminar with University of California Berkley happening in Winter 2021 and another joint seminar with University of British Columbia happening in Spring 2021. The talks will consist of two speakers, one faculty member from our department and one from the other institution. Emilija Perkovic will be giving a talk for Winter 2021. Speakers for Spring 2021 are still yet to be determined. The aim is to host this type of joint seminars once per quarter. 

Marsha L. Landolt Distinguished Graduate Mentor Award: This is an annual award to recognize excellent faculty mentors. The information has been forwarded to graduate students, but we would also like to generate some faculty led nominations. Deadline to complete nomination packet is January 6, 2021 at 5:00pm to  

Virtual Academic Career Fair: Abel, along with department chairs from other institutions, will be giving a talk on finding an academic position during a pandemic. The fair is scheduled to happen on November 11 at 9:00am to 10:30am (PT). More details are here

Committee Reports 

DICE report: Alex Luedtke, Chair of DICE, reported on fours items – math alliance, virtual graduate student panel, outreach letters, and the Blackwell seminar.  

Math Alliance: The department recently became a gold member of the Math Alliance (along with mathematics, applied mathematics and biostatistics), which entitles us to host a table at the virtual graduate fair happening on October, 24, 2020 at 10:30am to 1:00pm (PT). The fair is to provide an opportunity for our department to advertise our graduate program to Math Alliance scholars (mostly from underrepresented groups). Details of the event are found here. He explained that Emilija Perkovic, Abel, and he will be participating in this event. Alex encouraged more faculty to join.  

Virtual graduate student panel: Our Ph.D. students will be hosting a Q&A session for whoever is interested in the graduate program in our department. This will be happening on November 9, 2020 at 4:00pm (PT). More details are here

Outreach letters: Letters and flyers to advertise our graduate program and graduate student panel have been sent to 40 underrepresented colleges today. 

Blackwell seminar: Elena Erosheva will be giving a talk on racial disparities in NIH funding for this seminar on November 13, 2020 at 3:30pm to 4:30pm. More information will be posted in the seminar page

New Business 

Faculty search: Daniela Witten, Chair of the Appointments committee, reported that majority of the faculty signed up to participate in Tier 3. She asked if some faculty were willing to switch to Tier 2. 

Future direction: Abel mentioned that he will be working with the Personnel committee on the 5-year hiring plan, however, he would like to have a preliminary conversation with the faculty who are not in the committee on what drives the hiring for our department. Attendees who are voting faculty for new appointments went around the room providing their thoughts.  Much of the discussion focused on how to prioritize future recruitments – some faculty mentioned finding candidates that can bring intellectual diversity and community, having the ability to cover curriculum for specific areas of studies, being interested in teaching more undergraduate courses, having more of a team member mentality, etc. 

Executive Session 

Discussion and vote on faculty AHR policies and graduate faculty appointment for Paul Sampson. 


There being no other items to discuss, the meeting passed to an executive session at 1:45pm and was adjourned at 1:57pm.