Statistical Consulting Services

  The UW Statistical Consulting Services for both Departments of Statistics and Biostatistics is on break until Autumn quarter 2024. We will post any updates for the service here, as needed. If you need statistical consulting help before then, please check out our recommended list of consulting services here.

Faculty and graduate students in the Consulting Program of the Departments of Biostatistics and Statistics offer free statistical advice to University of Washington faculty, staff, and students through scheduled 50 minute consulting appointments during academic quarters. They provide assistance with:

  • the design of studies and experiments, including the preparation of grant proposals
  • data visualization and presentation
  • choice and application of statistical methods, and the interpretation of results
  • development of specialized statistical methods in some cases

The consultants have experience primarily with the R statistical analysis system, but they work with clients using whatever statistical package is most convenient for them. However, the service is for study design and data analysis advice, not for software tutorials or code review.

Consulting is available by appointment only. Consulting sessions are currently held via Zoom.

To request an appointment, please complete a Problem Description Form:

  • For Statistics, click here. (CLOSED UNTIL AUTUMN 2024)
  • For Biostatistics, click here.(CLOSED UNTIL AUTUMN 2024)

Fee-based consulting on major projects is also provided by the Center for Biomedical Statistics in the U.W. Institute of Translational Health Sciences.

Department of Biostatistics
Main office: Hans Rosling Center for Population Health, Floor 3
Department of Statistics
Main office: B-313 Padelford Hall