We are saddened and horrified by the murder of eight people in Atlanta on Tuesday, six of whom were women of Asian descent. These murders are all the more troubling in light of the wave of anti-Asian racism, xenophobia, and hate crimes over the last year. This wave is a part of a long history of anti-Asian xenophobia in this country.

We stand in solidarity with our Asian, Asian American, and Pacific Islander students, faculty, staff, and broader communities.

If you witness or hear about a racist or xenophobic incident, we encourage you to report it. Incidents of bias or suspected bias that are in violation of UW policies can be reported here. Incidents of hate or violence should also be reported to local authorities.  We also encourage members of our community to reach out to UW resources as needed, including CareLink for employees, mental health and wellness resources for students, and SafeCampus.

Additional resources outside the UW include:

Learn & take action

Local organizations supporting Asian & Asian-American communities

In solidarity,

Abel Rodriguez, Chair
Daniela Witten, Associate Chair
Alex Luedtke, Diversity, Inclusion, Community and Equity Committee
Marina Meila, Ph.D. Program Coordinator
Jon Wakefield, M.S. Program Coordinator
Ranjini Grove, Undergraduate Program Coordinator