Undergraduate Statistics majors in Principal Lecturer June Morita’s winter quarter course, STAT 341, took a field trip to visit the National Oceanographic and Atmospheric Administration's (NOAA) Northwest Fisheries Science Center at Montlake, located in the south-western part of University of Washington’s Seattle campus. 

The students met with NOAA researchers Martin Liermann, James Faulkner, and Kevin See, who hosted the visit. The NOAA researchers gave an overview about their experiences and career paths, and many interesting current and former research projects. After presentations and discussions were done, the students toured the site.
For several years, Morita has arranged trips like this for the purpose of expanding her students’ exposure to and interest in statistical applications and having them discover the vast array of career paths. She also seeks to foster connections with the professional sector at both the undergraduate and graduate levels. In the past, she has coordinated group visits to organizations such as Weyerhaeuser, Boeing and Google.