The National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine has named Elena Erosheva, UW Professor of Statistics and Social Work, as a member of the National Academies Committee on Increasing Diversity and Inclusion in the Leadership of Competed Space Missions. The committee has been convened at the request of the Science Mission Directorate (SMD) of the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA).  It will examine the current mission proposal system at NASA’s SMD competed space mission programs, identify humanistic elements of the system that may present impediments to applicants that might limit the diversity of the competitive pool, and recommend actions to that will increase diversity, inclusion, equity and accessibility in the leadership of the space mission proposals. 

The committee will engage with a wide range of experts in the relevant social science studies and space science communities. As they review and consider findings of numerous past social science studies of participation barriers for women and minorities in profession endeavors such as science and engineering, they will integrate methods employed by the committee to collect information specific to the space community. These methods may include commission papers, community representation panels, or structured interviews.

Among the group of committee members, Erosheva will be the only statistician.