We are proud to announce that three of our Statistics faculty members have been elected as American Statistical Association (ASA) officers for 2021.

Elena Erosheva (Professor of Statistics and Social Work) was elected Program Chair-Elect of the Social Statistics Section (SOC). The SOC section "seeks to advance research in social statistics, both in areas which involve the use of methods that involve statistical inquiry, and in those which involve the use of statistical data and the development of statistical measurement."

Adrian Dobra (Associate Professor of Statistics and Nursing) was elected Secretary/Treasurer for the Section on Bayesian Statistical Science (SBSS). The SBSS section provides a forum for those interested in the Bayesian paradigm and aims to "encourage research on theory and methods of statistical inference and decision making associated with Bayes' theorem and to encourage the application and proper use of Bayesian procedures in the behavioral, biological, managerial, engineering, environmental, legal, medical, pharmaceutical, physical, and social sciences."

Tyler McCormick (Associate Professor of Statistics and Sociology) was elected Program Chair-Elect of the Business and Economics Section (BE).  The BE section provides a forum for statisticians interested in analytic research on current business problems and economic forecasting.