Each year in the fall, the Department of Statistics awards talented graduate students for the Z.W. Birnbaum award and the Dorothy M. Gilford teaching award. The Z.W. Birnbaum award  recognizes a PhD student for demonstrating outstanding progress and promise in theoretical, methodological, or applied research on the basis of their General Examination, while the Dorothy M. Gilford teaching award recognizes outstanding performances by a graduate teaching assistant during the past year.

We are proud to announce the 2020-2021 award recipients.

Z.W. Birnbaum award recipients:

“The results that Shane presented on how to choose the underlying geometry and dimension in latent space network models provide a data-driven approach with nice asymptotic properties that I think will be used widely.” – Prof. Tyler McCormick

“Hanyu did an impressive job assimilating the existing work in several areas of clustering research in computer science and statistics, from modern to classical,  and in producing completely new theoretical results in clustering stability.” – Prof. Marina Meila

Dorothy M. Gilford teaching award recipients:

“The faculty recognized contributions of Anupreet Porwal and Michael Pearce as highly capable, dedicated, and creative Teaching Assistants during the 2020-2021 academic year. In addition, the faculty found Anupreet’s and Michael’s help in adapting course instruction to the circumstances necessitated by the pandemic to be particularly meritorious.” – Prof. Elena Erosheva, Prof. Thomas Richardson & Prof. Marina Meila

About Z.W. Birnbaum and Dorothy M. Gilford and the awards honoring them:

The Z.W. Birnbaum award was established in 1986 in honor and recognition of Dr. Zygmunt Wilhelm Birnbaum. He was a UW Professor, statistician, and mathematician who contributed to functional analysis, nonparametric testing and estimation, probability inequalities, survival distributions, competing risks, and reliability theory.

The Dorothy M. Gilford teaching award was established in 1992 in honor and recognition of Dr. Dorothy Morrow Gilford. She was a statistician who headed the Division of Mathematical Sciences at the Office of Naval Research, the National Center for Education Statistics, and the Conference Board of the Mathematical Sciences.