ATD PI workshop - Oral presentation and poster instructions

Talk instructions:

  • Each speaker has a 25 min slot allocated to them.  Talks should be approximately 20 min in length in order to allow for a 5 min Q&A.
  • Please submit your talk through this online form no later than Monday 10/09 at 5:00 pm.  In order to facilitate the transition between speakers, all files will be loaded into a single computer, which will be used for all presentations.
  • Please note that you will need to submit a pdf file that is no more than 10MB in size. If it is indispensable that you use a different format, please contact the organizers in advance.
  • Before uploading your file, please name it using the following convention: sessionnumber_lastname.pdf.  The session number (1 through 11) is in the program.

Poster instructions:

  • The poster session will be held on Wednesday 10/11 and Thursday 10/12.  Posters start at 3:15 pm.  You can put up your poster starting at noon.
  • Maximum posters size is A0 format (approximately, 33 by 46 inches).
  • We will be using the walls of the room for the posters.  We will be providing removable tape for you to hang your poster.  Please do not use any tape besides the one provided by the conference in order to prevent any damage to the wall surfaces.