Transfer credit Evaluations

UW Admissions will officially evaluate first year students' transcripts and transfer students’ transcripts when they are first admitted to UW.  If students need to have the STAT course re-evaluated (such as courses evaluated as 1XX, 2XX or 3XX), please contact the STAT department advising at to obtain a link to the departmental transfer equivalency form. Be aware that you will need a copy of the syllabus for the transfer course which shows the list of topics covered in some detail. Incomplete submissions will not be reviewed. 

We evaluate courses taken abroad only if taken during a UW Study Abroad program. 

If you are requesting to transfer credits for STAT 311, please note that STAT 311 involves a significant data analysis/coding component using the R programming language. If the course you would like to transfer does not include such component, your request will not be approved. 

Transfer evaluations will take up to 2 weeks during the regular academic year, longer over the summer. If you have not heard in 2 weeks, please contact our advising staff and let them know.