Statistics B.S. tracks

If you are interested in pursuing a degree in Statistics, in addition to the introductory courses needed to apply (STAT 311 or STAT 390, and STAT 394), typically taken during the sophomore year, you will be taking more advanced statistics classes focused on mathematical theory, computational methods or applications according to the track you choose. Here is a flow chart based on courses and interests that can help you make a decision on which track is more suitable for you.  

The Mathematical Statistics track provides a solid foundation for graduate studies in statistics and closely-related fields. The Data Science track emphasizes the link between statistics and computer science and it is perfect for those interested in the computational aspects of statistics, along with database management and coding. The Applied Statistics track is intended for students to explore the use of statistical methods in specific scientific domains. It is intended for those who have an interest in a specific applied discipline and would like to have a deep understanding of Statistics to be able to apply in their domain of choice. Students interested in pursuing graduate degrees in other applied disciplines, such as Economics or other social sciences, may benefit from completing a statistics major in the Applied Statistics track.