Double Major and Double Degree

The Department of Statistics welcomes students who are willing to pursue a double major or a double degree. Juggling the requirements of two majors can be very challenging. While you can find general information on UW’s requirements for double majors and double degrees at this link, on this page we include details that should facilitate students who are pursuing a double major or double degree with Statistics. In particular, the Department of Statistics is working with other departments at UW to create preapproved paths which include courses that can and cannot double count towards the major. Please note that this is only a suggestion and students do not have to follow our pre-approved path.

We recommend taking the data science track to students who are willing to double major with CSE. Below we provide some parameters for managing course overlap and for double counting courses across both majors under that assumption:

  • The MATH 124-125-126-208 (or, alternatively, MATH 134-135-135) sequence satisfies lower-division mathematics requirements for both majors.
  • Students intending to pursue a double major in CSE/Stat should take CSE 121-122-123 rather than CSE 160-163 to satisfy their intro programing requirements in the Statistics B.S. The CSE 121-122-123 sequence satisfies lower-division requirements for both majors.
  • CSE/Stat double majors must complete both CSE 312 and MATH/STAT 394 to satisfy core requirements in each program. While there is some overlap between both courses, it is not enough to justify counting CSE 312 toward our probability requirement, and vice versa.
  • CSE/Stat double majors can either take CSE 446 (Machine Learning) or STAT 435 (Introduction to Statistical Machine Learning). Either class satisfies requirements for both programs (it can be double counted).
  • CSE/Stat double majors can double count the following courses to satisfy requirements in both programs:
    • SOC 225 or STAT 303 (satisfies a STAT DS requirement as well as for the CSE DS track).
    • CSE 442 (satisfies a STAT DS requirement as well as for either a CSE DS requirement or a CSE elective)
    • CSE 444 (satisfies a STAT DS requirement as well as for either a CSE DS requirement or a CSE elective)
    • CSE 332 (satisfies required elective for STAT DS students and a core requirement for all CSE majors).
  • Any double majors in CSE/Stat (independently of track) can request that 2C credits of ENGR 321 (engineering internship) or CSE 301 (CSE Internship) be used instead of STAT 496 (capstone requirement). This puts these courses on the same footing as STAT 497 (statistics internship). Approval of this request is not automatic for any of the three courses, as it is subject to review by Statistics advising on a case-by-case basis (to make sure that there is enough statistics practicum in the internship). These credits never double count.

In summary, the total number of courses double counted for a CSE DS/STAT DS double major:

  • Lower division courses: 19-30 credits (depending on whether the regular or honor calculus sequence is selected, and on whether the student places in CSE 121, 122, or 123).
  • Upper division courses: 19 credits (CSE 446/STAT 435: 4 credits, SOC 225/STAT 303: 3 credits, CSE 442: 4 credits, CSE 444: 4 credits, CSE 332: 4 credits).