List of Electives

At most one of the electives may be from another department (indicated as occasionally approved on the list below) with advisor approval. 


  • STAT 403 Introduction to Re-sampling Inference (always approved)
  • STAT 425 Introduction to Non-parametric Statistics (always approved)
  • STAT 427 Introduction to Analysis of Categorical Data (always approved)
  • STAT 428 Multivariate Analysis for the Social Sciences (always approved)
  • STAT 435 Introduction to Statistical Machine Learning (always approved)
  • STAT 498 Special Topics (usually approved)
  • STAT 564: Bayesian Statistics for Social Sciences (always approved)
  • STAT 529: Sample Survey Techniques (always approved although student must also check with instructor prior to enrolling)


  • STAT 524 Design of Medical Studies (occasionally accepted; student must also ask the instructor prior to enrolling)


  • STAT 480 Sampling theory for Biologists (occasionally accepted; student must also ask the instructor prior to enrolling)


  • STAT/MATH 396 Probability III (always approved).
  • STAT/MATH 395: Probability II (If STAT 340-341-342 and STAT/MATH 396 are completed, then STAT/MATH 395 and STAT/MATH 396 will both be approved as Electives.
  • STAT/MATH 491 Intro to Stochastic Processes  (always approved )
  • STAT/MATH 492 Intro to Stochastic Processes II (always approved)
  • STAT/MATH 493 Stochastic Calculus for Option Pricing (always approved, however, only students interested in “financial mathematics” should consider this.)


  • MATH 464 Numerical analysis (occasionally approved for actuaries)
  • AMATH 483 High Performance Scientific Computing (occasionally approved)
  • MATH 407-408-409 Optimization (occasionally approved)
  • MATH 424-425-426 Mathematical Analysis (occasionally approved for some students aiming at graduate degrees)
  • MATH 427-428 Complex Analysis (occasionally approved)


  • CSE 326 Data Structures  (occasionally approved)
  • CSE 331 Software Design and Implementation (occasionally approved)
  • CSE 344 Introduction to Data Management (occasionally approved)
  • CSE 373 Data Structures and Algorithms (occasionally approved)
  • CSE 415 Introduction to Artificial Intelligence (occasionally approved)


  • GEQG 426 Advanced Quantitative Methods (occasionally approved)


 STAT/ECON Double Majors

  • MATH 464: Numerical Analysis I (occasionally approved)
  • ECON 422: Investment, Capital, Finance (occasionally approved)
  • ECON 424: Computational Finance and Financial Economics (occasionally approved)
  • AMATH 483: High Performance Scientific Computing (occasionally approved)
  • Never Acceptable as Electives: STAT/CSSS /509/ECON 580, ECON 481, ECON 482, 483, MATH 309.