Concurrent/Part Time Masters Degree

The Statistics Part-Time / Concurrent Master’s program targets working professionals as well as Ph.D. students in other Ph.D. programs at the University of Washington who want to broaden their knowledge of statistical methodology and its applications. 

Admission Requirements

For application requirements and procedures, please see the graduate programs applications page.

Recommended preparation

Background in mathematics, statistics, data science, computer science or a quantitative field, with 30 or more quarter credits in mathematics and statistics, to include a year of advanced (second-year) calculus, one course of linear algebra, and one course in probability theory. Knowledge of basic programming concepts along with familiarity with a high-level programming language such as R, Python or Matlab.

Graduation Requirements

The Concurrent/Part-time track are a minimum of 36 credits including the required courses described below. In addition, please see also the University-wide requirements at Instructions, Policies & Procedures for Graduate Students.

Core courses:

Five courses that cover the foundations of statistical theory (STAT 512 and STAT 513), applied statistics (STAT 502 and STAT 504) and statistical computing (STAT 534). All these courses must be taken for a numerical grade.

During their first quarter in the program, students who have previously completed equivalent courses might petition to substitute any of them with additional statistics elective courses, each of which must be at least 3 credits (see below). Once such substitution is approved, the student cannot take the substituted course to satisfy any other program requirements.

Statistics elective courses:

A minimum of 12 credits (4 courses, each at least 3 credits) in 500-level courses with a STAT code that have a coherent theme and include at least one department-approved two-course sequence. Statistics electives must be approved in advance by the departmental Graduate Program Coordinator. These elective courses must be taken for a numerical grade.

The current list of approved two-course sequences that satisfy the statistics elective requirement includes:

  • STAT 516 and STAT 517.
  • STAT 521 and STAT 522.
  • STAT 535 and either STAT 538 or STAT 548.
  • STAT 570 and STAT 571.
  • STAT 581 and STAT 582.

Please note that taking STAT 523 after STAT 521 and STAT 522 or STAT 583 after STAT 581 and STAT 582 is logical in the context of a coherent program of study, but it is not required.

Other elective courses:

A minimum of 9 credits (3 courses, each at least 3 credits) in 400 or 500-level UW courses. Elective courses with non-STAT codes must be approved in advance by the departmental Graduate Program Coordinator; a list of pre-approved and pre-denied courses is available here. All elective courses must be taken for a numerical grade. 

Students who opt to complete a thesis might substitute these electives with 9 credits of STAT 700.

Exam requirement:

All students must pass the master’s-level theory examination.  The syllabus of the exam is available here.

Statistics seminar:

One quarter of STAT 590.  This class is C/NC.

Data analysis requirement:

One quarter of STAT/BIOST 579 (Data Analysis and Reporting). This class is C/NC.