Machine Learning and Big Data PhD Track Application Details

Before you are a UW Student
Students interested in graduate study in Machine Learning and Big Data should apply directly to the Statistics Department via the online application located at Entrance to the Machine Learning and Big Data track only happens after regular admission to the Statistics PhD program.

As a UW Statistics PhD student
The PhD students who wish to opt for the MLBD track need to:

  • To apply to the track, please send e-mail to Ellen Reynolds.
  • The Statistics ML/BD Track Committee will then review your application. Ellen will notify of the Committee's decision.
  • A student in the MLBD track can, in addition, choose to enroll/satisfy the Advanced Data Science Option. 

    Enrolling in and meeting the requirements for ADS:
    • Four quarters of e-science community seminar
    • Tell Ellen Reynolds to mark them as ADS after the requirements are satisfied
    • If the requirements for the MLBD track and the additional ADS requirements are satisfied, then the student will have "ADS" listed on their transcript.


Frequently Asked Questions

What if I change my mind? can I opt out of the MLBD track? 

A student can change their mind any time without permission and opt to satisfy the requirements of the standard Statistics PhD track. It is expected that the student discusses this decision with their advisor(s) or with Michael Perlman and Ellen Reynolds, and that they notify Ellen of the change. 

When must I make the MLBD choice? 

Any time you want. Preferably when you have a clear idea what courses and what research you want to do during your PhD. We strongly encourage first-year students interested in the MLBD track to start with STAT 535. 

If I have already taken CS classes elsewhere, can I waive the CS class requirement? 

You can do this by asking for approval from the CS instructor for the class that you want waived. For example, Magda Balaszinska for Databases or Jeff Heer for Data Visualization. If your request is granted, forward the email to Ellen Reynolds. Any appeals should be made in writing via e-mail to Ellen Reynolds. It will be reviewed by the ML/BD track committee.