PhD Program

The Statistics Ph.D. program at the University of Washington prepares students for research careers in theory and application of probability and statistics in academic and non-academic (e.g., industry, government) settings.

Full-Time Master's Program

The main goal of the Statistics Full-Time Master’s program is to provide students a solid foundation in statistical methodology, computation and theory that will enable them to pursue a doctoral degree as well as careers in government, research institutes and industry.

Part-Time/Concurrent Master's Program

The Statistics Part-Time / Concurrent Master’s program targets working professionals as well as Ph.D. students in other Ph.D. programs at the University of Washington who want to broaden their knowledge of statistical methodology and its applications. 

Data Science Master's Program

The Department of Statistics is part of the interdisciplinary group that offer the Data Science Master’s Program.  For more information, please see the website for the Data Science Master's Program.