Non-Degree Enrollment

Non-Matriculated students

This information is for people who are not UW students, and who want to take one or more Statistics courses. There are two options available depending on your educational goals:

  • Non-Matriculated ("NM") student status should be obtained by people who want to take courses for personal or professional enrichment.
  • Graduate Non-Matriculated ("GNM") student status should be obtained by people who intend to apply to our graduate program at a later date and who wish to apply up to 12 credits of coursework to a possible future degree.

Students in either category who are faculty or staff members at the University of Washington may use their tuition exemption benefit. Information on this benefit may be found at the Human Resources Tuition Exemption benefit page.

Non-Matriculated Students

  • Follow the registration procedures at the Non-Degree Enrollment site.
  • Obtain permission from the course instructor.
  • Bring registration forms to the department for signatures after the instructor has signed.

Graduate Non-Matriculated Students

Typically, only applicants interested in eventually pursuing a part-time M.S. in Statistics are considered for our Graduate Non-Matriculated program (please see the special instructions for M.S. students in our graduate applications page).  Students interested in this program should contact the department advising office at before submitting an application through the Graduate School portal.   The GNM program is not an appropriate pathway for students interested in the Statistics Ph.D. or the Statistics - Advanced Methods and Data Analysis M.S. programs.

A complete online application for the GNM program consists of:

  1. Online application and payment of $75 application fee
  2. Online submission of a brief Statement of Purpose listing courses you plan to take and your future goals
  3. Online submission of three letters of recommendation
  4. Online submission of unofficial transcripts from all colleges and universities attended
  5. Online submission of resume/vitae

Graduate Non-Matriculated Deadlines

  • Autumn quarter - September 1st

The Department of Statistics only accepts applications to the GNM program in Fall quarter.

Visiting Graduate Students

Visiting graduate student status allows students who are actively pursuing a graduate degree (master’s, Ph.D., Ed.D., etc.) at another college or university to take graduate courses at the University of Washington and transfer a limited number of credits back to their home institution. More information about visiting graduate students is available at the corresponding Graduate School website.

Prospective visiting graduate students should contact the department's advising office at before submitting an application through the Graduate School portal.  Please note that, typically, only applicants who already have a UW Statistics faculty member as a sponsor are considered for admission as visiting graduate students.

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