Seth Temple (he/him)

PhD Student

UW Box Number 351617
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ORCID iD  0000-0002-7651-6527 

I am a senior PhD student in the Department of Statistics at University of Washington, and I am advised by Sharon Browning in our sister Department of Biostatistics. I develop statistical methods that make use of genomic and health data to infer key parameters that govern biological processes such as evolution and pathogen spread. I seek simple, interpretable, and approximate models that unify genetics, environment, ecology, and demography under a common quantitative framework for which we can evaluate uncertainty and test sensitivity to assumptions. Specifically, I am interested in what genomics can say about recent time periods (past 300 generations / 10k human years) and in studying underrepresented populations that carry a disproportionate disease burden. I maintain collaborations with Los Alamos National Laboratory and the Alzheimer's Disease Research Center at UW. My work is supported by an NDSEG Fellowship and an NIH T32 Predoctoral Traineeship in Statistical Genetics. I have professional experience as an actuary at Liberty Mutual and a BS in Mathematics from University of Oregon.