Saonli Basu

Primary affiliation: University of Minnesota, Division of Biostatistics School of Public Health University of Minnesota

Affiliate Professor

UW Box Number 354322

Saonli Basu is a Professor in the Division of Biostatistics at the University of Minnesota. She received her Ph.D. in Statistics from the University of Washington under the supervision of Professor Elizabeth Thompson in 2005. 

Dr. Basu’s research interests are in statistical genetics, behavioral genetics and genetic epidemiology. Her current work involves methodological developments to facilitate modeling of longitudinal and family-based association, rare-variant association, gene-environment interaction, multivariate phenotype modeling and heritability estimation. Dr. Basu has authored/co-authored more than 70 journal articles. She is a regular member of the NIH Biostatistical Methods and Research Design (BMRD) Study Section. Dr. Basu was elected a Fellow of the American Statistical Association (ASA) in 2017 for excellence in statistical methodology development relating to statistical genomics, and for contributions to collaborative science.