Michael Perlman

Emeritus, University of Washington

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ORCID iD  0000-0003-3287-6616 

Research: Multivariate analysis, graphical Markov models, decision theory, probability inequalities, convexity.


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Pure Significance Tests for Multinomial and Binomial Distributions: the Uniform Alternative
Michael D. Perlman
A {\it pure significance test} (PST) tests a simple null hypothesis $H_f:Y\sim f$ {\it without specifying an alternative hypothesis} by rejecting $H_f$ for {…

Estimating the Ratio of Means in a Zero-inflated Poisson Mixture Model
Michael D. Perlman
The problem of estimating the ratio of the means of a two-component Poisson mixture model is considered, when each component is subject to zero-inflation, i.e…

On the structure of essential graphs for AMP chain graph models
Steen A. Andersson, Michael D. Perlman
Chain graphs (CG) use undirected and directed edges to represent both structural and associative dependences. Like acyclic directed graphs (ADGs), the CG…

On the feasibility of parsimonious variable selection for Hotelling's $T^2$-test
Michael D. Perlman
Hotelling's $T^2$-test for the mean of a multivariate normal distribution is one of the triumphs of classical multivariate analysis. It is uniformly most…

How Uniform is the Uniform Distribution on Permutations?
Michael D. Perlman
For large $q$, does the (discrete) uniform distribution on the set of $q!$ permutations of the vector $(1,2,\dots,q)$ closely approximate the (continuous)…