Jess Kunke

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ORCID iD  0009-0006-1475-3734 


Comparing the Robustness of Simple Network Scale-Up Method (NSUM) Estimators
Jessica P. Kunke, Ian Laga, Xiaoyue Niu, Tyler H. McCormick
The network scale-up method (NSUM) is a cost-effective approach to estimating the size or prevalence of a group of people that is hard to reach through a…

Respondent-Driven Sampling: An Overview in the Context of Human Trafficking
Jessica P. Kunke, Adam Visokay, Tyler H. McCormick
Respondent-driven sampling (RDS) is both a sampling strategy and an estimation method. It is commonly used to study individuals that are difficult to access…

Estimating and Correcting Degree Ratio Bias in the Network Scale-up Method
Ian Laga, Jessica P. Kunke, Tyler H. McCormick, Xiaoyue Niu
The Network Scale-up Method (NSUM) uses social networks and answers to "How many X's do you know?" questions to estimate sizes of groups excluded by standard…