Technical Reports

Since the 1940s, population projections have in most cases been pro- duced using the deterministic cohort component method. However, in 2015, for the first time, in a major advance, the United… more

Abstract: Statistical methods are developed for assessing the likelihood of prejudicial bias in agent-assigned permutations, such as the ordering of candidates on an election… more

This report shows how the descent of genome from an ancestor to currently observed descendants results in identity by descent (IBD) in current individuals, and hence similarities in their DNA at… more

Recent News

We are proud to announce that E. Ashley Steel, an Affiliate Associate Professor of the Department of Statistics and School of… more

Jon Wakefield has been invited to join the Technical Advisory Group (TAG), that advises the United Nations Inter-agency Group for Child Mortality Estimation (UN IGME).

UN IGME was… more

The first edition of our undergraduate newsletter, "Student's T time", is edited by Ranjini Grove, our 
faculty undergraduate program coordinator.

This edition of the newsletter … more

Upcoming Courses

MATH/STAT 491/8 is a two-quarter course sequence in place of MATH/STAT 491/2 for the B.S. in Mathematics degree option. The sequence provides a relatively complete introduction to core problems in stochastic processes.