Upcoming Seminars

Apr. 7th, 3:30 PM
Seminar presented by Matias Cattaneo
Coauthors: Michael Jansson and Kenichi Nagasawa   Westling and Carone (2020) proposed a framework for studying the large sample distributional properties of generalized Grenander-type estimators, a versatile class of nonparametric estimators of…
DEN 259
Apr. 14th, 3:30 PM
Seminar presented by Jonathan Taylor
DEN 259
Apr. 21st, 3:30 PM
Seminar presented by Subhashis Ghoshal
Shape restrictions such as monotonicity in one or more dimensions sometimes naturally arise. The restriction can be effectively used for function estimation without smoothing. Several exciting results on function estimation under monotonicity, and to a…
DEN 259

Academic Job Opportunities

Lecturer Part-Time - Temporary

Applications are invited for a Lecturer Part-Time - Temporary position in the Department of Statistics at the University of Washington.

This appointment is for a part-time temporary position, with either a quarterly (September 16 - December 15 for Autumn quarter, December 16 - March 15 for Winter quarter, or March 16 - June 15 for Spring quarter) or a 9-month (September 16 - June 15) service period, depending on departmental needs. 

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Statistics Graders and Tutors

Applications are invited for Graders and Tutors in the Department of Statistics at the University of Washington.

These are hourly appointments open to both undergraduate and graduate students. Appointments are made on a quarterly basis. Current pay rates can be found here.

Graders provide diverse services as course assistants. Duties typically include grading student papers and examinations, consultation with instructors and other duties as assigned.

Tutors provide support and guidance to further undergraduate Statistical education in all introductory Statistics courses. For more information on this program, please visit this page.

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More Job Opportunities

Research Papers

Jessica P. Kunke, Ian Laga, Xiaoyue Niu, Tyler H. McCormick
Published 3/13/2023
The network scale-up method (NSUM) is a cost-effective approach to estimating the size or prevalence of a group of people that is hard to reach through a standard survey. The basic NSUM involves two steps: estimating respondents' degrees by one of various methods (in this paper we focus on the probe group method which uses the number of…
Shuxian Fan, Li Liu, Jamie Perin, Tyler H. McCormick
Published 2/21/2023
Age-disaggregated health data is crucial for effective public health planning and monitoring. Monitoring under-five mortality, for example, requires highly detailed age data since the distribution of potential causes of death varies substantially within the first few years of life. Comparative researchers often have to rely on multiple data…
Toshiya Yoshida, Trinity Shuxian Fan, Tyler McCormick, Zhenke Wu, Zehang Richard Li
Published 2/16/2023
Only about one-third of the deaths worldwide are assigned a medically-certified cause, and understanding the causes of deaths occurring outside of medical facilities is logistically and financially challenging. Verbal autopsy (VA) is a routinely used tool to collect information on cause of death in such settings.…

Recent News

We are excited to announce that the Statistics department at UW will once again be running a Directed Reading Program (DRP) during Spring quarter. The DRP is an opportunity for undergraduate students…
Congratulations to UW Statistics Ph.D. students, Jillian Fisher and Ronak Mehta for each earning an Honorable Mention award for the 2023 ASA Student Paper Award competition. The title of Jillian’s…
Tyler McCormick, Associate Professor of Statistics and Sociology, will serve as a speaker/panelist for the NISS Ingram Olkin Forum: Statistical Methods for Combatting Human Trafficking, Wednesday,…