Academic Job Opportunities

Assistant Professor in Statistics

Applications are invited for a Full-Time Tenure-Track Assistant Professor position in the Department of Statistics at the University of Washington. This appointment is for a full time position with a 9-month service period (September 16 - June 15) and an anticipated start date of September 2023. We encourage applicants whose interests align with our commitment to fostering diversity and inclusivity to apply. All UW faculty engage in teaching, research, and service.

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Lecturer Part-Time - Temporary

Applications are invited for a Lecturer Part-Time - Temporary position in the Department of Statistics at the University of Washington.

This appointment is for a part-time temporary position, with either a quarterly (September 16 - December 15 for Autumn quarter, December 16 - March 15 for Winter quarter, or March 16 - June 15 for Spring quarter) or a 9-month (September 16 - June 15) service period, depending on departmental needs.  

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Postdoctoral Scholars

Tyler McCormick and colleagues are seeking three or more Postdoctoral Scholars (12-month service period) to collaborate in research and join an interdisciplinary team working on methodology, data collection, and analysis directed by scientific questions in the social and health sciences.

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Statistics Graders and Tutors

Applications are invited for Graders and Tutors in the Department of Statistics at the University of Washington.

These are hourly appointments open to both undergraduate and graduate students. Appointments are made on a quarterly basis. Current pay rates can be found here.

Graders provide diverse services as course assistants. Duties typically include grading student papers and examinations, consultation with instructors and other duties as assigned.

Tutors provide support and guidance to further undergraduate Statistical education in all introductory Statistics courses. For more information on this program, please visit this page.

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More Job Opportunities

Research Papers

Steven Wilkins-Reeves, Tyler McCormick
Published 11/21/2022
Network data, commonly used throughout the physical, social, and biological sciences, consist of nodes (individuals) and the edges (interactions) between them. One way to represent the complex, high-dimensional structure in network data is to embed the graph into a low-dimensional geometric space. Curvature of this space, in particular, provides insights…
Bolun Liu, Shane Lubold, Adrian E. Raftery, Tyler H. McCormick
Published 10/26/2022
Multidimensional scaling (MDS) is a widely used approach to representing high-dimensional, dependent data. MDS works by assigning each observation a location on a low-dimensional geometric manifold, with distance on the manifold representing similarity. We propose a Bayesian approach to multidimensional scaling when the low-…
Rahul Biswas, Somabha Mukherjee
Published 10/14/2022
The estimator of a causal directed acyclic graph (DAG) with the PC algorithm is known to be consistent based on independent and identically distributed samples. In this paper, we consider the scenario when the multivariate samples are identically distributed but not independent. A common example is a stationary multivariate time series. We show that under a…

Recent News

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