Academic Job Opportunities

Lecturer Part-Time - Temporary

Applications are invited for a Lecturer Part-Time - Temporary position in the Department of Statistics at the University of Washington.

This appointment is for a part-time temporary position, with either a quarterly (September 16 - December 15 for Autumn quarter, December 16 - March 15 for Winter quarter, or March 16 - June 15 for Spring quarter) or a 9-month (September 16 - June 15) service period, depending on departmental needs. 

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Statistics Graders and Tutors

Applications are invited for Graders and Tutors in the Department of Statistics at the University of Washington.

These are hourly appointments open to both undergraduate and graduate students. Appointments are made on a quarterly basis. Current pay rates can be found here.

Graders provide diverse services as course assistants. Duties typically include grading student papers and examinations, consultation with instructors and other duties as assigned.

Tutors provide support and guidance to further undergraduate Statistical education in all introductory Statistics courses. For more information on this program, please visit this page.

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Research Papers

Ian Laga, Jessica P. Kunke, Tyler H. McCormick, Xiaoyue Niu
Published 5/7/2023
The Network Scale-up Method (NSUM) uses social networks and answers to "How many X's do you know?" questions to estimate hard-to-reach population sizes. This paper focuses on two biases associated with the NSUM. First, different populations are known to have different average social network sizes, introducing degree ratio bias. This is…
Tianyu Liu, Somabha Mukherjee, Rahul Biswas
Published 4/2/2023
The $k$-tensor Ising model is an exponential family on a $p$-dimensional binary hypercube for modeling dependent binary data, where the sufficient statistic consists of all $k$-fold products of the observations, and the parameter is an unknown $k$-fold tensor, designed to capture higher-order interactions between the binary variables. In this paper, we…
Zhexiao Lin, Fang Han
Published 3/24/2023
While researchers commonly use the bootstrap for statistical inference, many of us have realized that the standard bootstrap, in general, does not work for Chatterjee's rank correlation. In this paper, we provide proof of this issue under an additional independence assumption, and complement our theory with simulation evidence for general settings. Chatterjee's rank…

Recent News

Assistant Professor, Ema Perkovic, has been named the first Dorothy Gilford Early Career Endowed Professor in Mathematical Statistics as of September 1, 2023. Dr. Perkovic joined the UW Statistics…
We are delighted to announce the Spring 2023 Edition of our undergraduate newsletter, "Student's T time”, edited by Professor Ranjini Grove and Joia Zhang, with help from the UW Statistics &…
We are pleased to announce that the Royal Society, the UK’s national academy of sciences and the oldest scientific academy in continuous existence, has elected Dr. Elizabeth Thompson as a Fellow. She…